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Butterfly Kyodai Online is a browser puzzle game designed to challenge anyone’s mind. It features dozens of elegant creatures that need your help to fly again. Dive into the journey and enjoy one of the most engaging mahjong-based adventures.

Simple And Beautiful

Mahjong is an old challenge that was invented in the 19th century in China. It’s a tile-matching adventure designed to train strategic thinking. As a rule, it’s played by 3 or 4 people. However, there is also a solitaire version for those who enjoy it alone. This title is meant for single-player usage.

Instead of tiles with unfamiliar hieroglyphs, this toy has more pleasant objects to interact with. Namely, it features numerous halves of butterfly wings. They’re of different forms and colors. And the coolest thing happens when you connect 2 identical ones. The insect gets whole, comes to life, and starts flying away. The developers thought about every detail. For example, you’ll see shadows beneath the creatures when they move.

How to Play Butterfly Kyodai Online

This title is very easy to control. You’ll need a mouse or touchpad to set things going. Just connect on 2 identical tiles by clicking on them and watch a cute animation. There are only 2 rules to follow:

  • There should be no obstacles in the way

  • The line between tiles should be no more than two 90 degree angles

There is a huge 10x14 grid. It holds lots of species that are not so easy to match. Get primed for the title to be more difficult than you’ve thought. A timer in the upper corner won’t let you relax. Once it drains, the round is over! The good news is that it’s restored a bit when you connect insects. The faster you are, the more seconds you can save!

Get Help

Hard as it is, there are ways to make it easier for you. The adventure offers opportunities to use when you’re desperate:

  • 3 hints. They’re hidden behind a big button with a magic wand on it. Tap on it to make the toy show you the right tiles to click.

  • 3 reshuffles. You can activate them to mix all tiles. It’s useful when you think that your layout is not fortunate.

However, there are only 6 of them in total. So, don’t hurry to use them at the beginning. Scan the grid and think.

Why Is It a Good Game?

This adventure has lots of benefits over similar entertainment options. Let’s name just a few of them:

  • Addictive. The gameplay is designed to attract users and make them want to come for more.

  • Meant for any age. It’s violent-free fun that will be suitable to train any mind.

  • Free of charge. You don’t have to pay to access the challenge.

  • Available on mobile or PC. It’s a browser toy that can be launched from a PC or smartphone.

Dive into Butterfly Kyodai Online and enjoy other advantages yourself!


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