Butterfly kyodai thinking games

What adventures are similar to Butterfly Kyodai? Thinking games are numerous out there. It’s not hard to find worthy challenges to train one’s mind. However, some may get confused about getting such a variety. We’ve compiled a short list to make it easier for you. Check it out and improve your logical and strategic thinking!

Butterfly kyodai thinking games

Why Are Such Titles Useful?

Unlike shooters or other genres, such adventures focus on developing mental skills. They’re slow-paced, calm and violent-free. It makes them suitable for kids, adults, and the elderly.

Butterfly Kyodai Thinking Games

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

This toy is composed of bright pictures and tricky questions. You’ll need to interact with objects to solve in-game challenges. For example, how to blossom a flower with clouds hiding the sun? How to put an elephant in the fridge? Think to find the solutions and level up for more fascinating riddles.

Cut the Rope

It’s a legendary adventure now available through a browser. The main character is a strange green creature that likes sweets. However, they’re located far away from it, hanging on various ropes. Your goal is to cut them in the right order. Make sure the delicious prize lands right in the hungry mouth. Feed the cute monster to make it happy. Get primed for the levels to gradually spike in difficulty.


It’s a match 3 challenge that consists of numerous rounds and hooking tasks. Each session begins with instruction. For example, collect 30 yellow tiles in 10 moves. If you nail it, you jump to the next level on the map. The gameplay is addictive and a pleasure to dive into!

Summing Up

These are only a few alternatives to Butterfly Kyodai. Thinking games can be easily found online. You won’t even have to register or download anything. Try our picks and try other smart journeys to keep mentally fit.

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