Butterfly kyodai classic

When a game becomes popular, other versions with slightly different gameplay appear very soon. With Butterfly Kyodai Classic, the situation is the same. There are a few installations that copy the basic mechanics and add new features. This article will be about the initial title released a few years ago.

What Do We Know About the Adventure

This digital toy was created in 2017. Published on different gaming websites, it managed to attract fans to play the puzzle challenge. The developer is known as Azerion, a fast-growing digital entertainment platform. You won’t need to download or install anything to enjoy it. It’s a browser-based toy that can be accessed from desktop or mobile devices.

Butterfly Kyodai Classic Play game

How to Win in Butterfly Kyodai Classic

It’s not hard to grasp the basic principles of this game. However, it’s also not that simple to win. It’s easy to get confused seeing a huge grid with lots of wings in it. The agenda is to match identical ones and enjoy insects’ gracious flight. There are some tips that will help you perform better:

  • Start from the edges. There are lots of easy tiles to connect there.

  • Scan the middle. This area also has easy matches that are located nearby. It’s not hard to spot them quickly.

  • Never panic. Focus on your goal and keep finding new moves to make.

  • Hurry up. The faster you are, the more seconds you’ll win back. You need them to stay in the round longer and take away all tiles.

  • Don’t use hints right away. They’re meant for difficult situations. For example, when you’ve scanned the whole grid and failed to identify a match. It usually happens in the middle or end of the round.

Start Playing Now

Butterfly Kyodai Classic is a good entertainment option for any age group. Launch it through your browser and enjoy the smooth mechanics. Dive in whenever you have time and desire to shake up. At home, at school, at work, on the go, etc. It’s fun anytime!

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