Butterfly kyodai 2

Is Butterfly Kyodai 2 the continuation of the famous tile-matching puzzle? It’s a more advanced version of this toy that is also called Deluxe. It looks and plays the same but has some new features. They make the gameplay more interesting to join by users of any age. Let’s dive deeper to see why it’s better to enjoy.

What’s Similar

The mechanics and goals are the same. You’ll get a big grid filled with half-wings. All forms and colors make it chaos for you to sort out. Click on 2 identical ones to launch a beautiful flight animation. The creatures will fly away, leaving empty space and new matching opportunities. The round goes on until there is nothing left.

Butterfly Kyodai 2 play

Butterfly Kyodai 2: Differences

The Deluxe version features a few novelties that certainly benefit the game:

    1. Special actions

      The classical version has two types of help: reshuffle and hits. This adventure also has such assistance. If you feel trapped and don’t see a way out, tap on the magic button. It’ll mark possible moves with a red frame. All you need to do is to click on them. If you think that your layout is not favorable, opt for the reshuffle button. It’ll mix all tiles and probably open other opportunities to try.

      The new feature influences the timer. You can freeze it to save some minutes. However, remember that it’s a temporary action. The indicator will melt soon and continue counting precious seconds down.

    2. Shop

      Now you can earn coins for successful rounds. Save enough to visit a store. There are two things to spend your in-game money on. The first one is about skins. Add creatures with new colors and wing forms if the old ones bore you. The second thing is about backgrounds. You can change them now: a lawn with flowers, a pound, etc.

How to Join the Challenge?

Butterfly Kyodai 2 is available through any modern browser. Just find a link, click on it and launch it! It’s free of charge. Skip any downloading processes and enjoy the mind training.

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